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News stories about interpreting in UK Criminal Justice

Private Eye, June 2013, "These kinds of issues are now rare"

The Times, 24 May 2013, Legal Aid contracts just won't work 

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 24 May 2013, Response by PI4J to the Ministry of Justice's full year statistics on the interpreting framework agreement  performance

Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 21 May 2013, Government won’t investigate Du interpreter fiasco

Law Society Gazette, 20 May 2013, Court interpreters reject new contract deal

Northampton Herald & Post, 16 May 2013, MP raises concern with Minister in Anxiang Du missing interpreter case

Exaro News, 14 May 2013, Capita contract for court interpreters veers towards ‘collapse’

Sky News, 12 May 2013, Murder Trial Stalled Over Missing Interpreter

Sunday Express, 11 May 2013, Interpreter’s ‘low pay’ halts a trial

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 11 May 2013, Court Interpreting ‘Disgrace’ as Sweeteners Rejected

Northampton Chronicle, 11 May 2013, Du interpreter row: System “out of control” says MP Ellis

BBC News, 10 May 2013, Ding murder case judge's anger over interpreter no-show

Northampton Chronicle, 10 May 2013, Judge’s fury as quadruple murder suspect Anxiang Du’s court date adjourned

Shropshire Star, 7 May 2013, Language problems cause delays at Shrewsbury Crown Court, 6 May 2013, Court interpreter investigated after being heard 'coaching a witness'

Ipswich Star, 3 May 2013, Ipswich: Interpreter could face prosecution after trial collapses

Law Society Gazette, 29 April 2013, Taxpayer to foot bill for interpreter pay rise 

Law Society Gazette, 25 April 2013, MoJ announces new deal for courtroom interpreters, 24 April 2013, Staverton man's case adjourned due to lack of interpreter 

Professional Interpreters for Justice, April 2013, Note on PI4J's meeting with  Ministry of Justice officials on  12 March 2013

Spalding Guardian, 7 April 2013, Drove into the back of a car; interpreter translated "blow" as “breathe” during breath test

Nottingham Post, 5 April 2013, £1,000 a day bill for Notts Police interpreters

Spalding Guardian, 5 April 2013, Twice adjourned because no interpreter

Civil Service World, 4 April 2013, Interview: Ursula Brennan 

BBC News, 4 April 2013, Court interpreting service misses 98% target

The Argus, 4 April 2013, "Foreign criminals" put strain on police, claims officer

Law Society Gazette, 3 April 2013, Court interpreter service getting worse, new figures show

Inside Time, April 2013, Court translation services slammed

Law Society Gazette, 27 March 2013, Interpreter company wins costs order appeal

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 26 March 2013, Dossier of evidence: instances of failure, breaches and unethical practices

Law Society Gazette, 26 March 2013, Interpreter company wins costs order appeal

Law Society Gazette (letters), 18 March 2013, Ministry Doublespeak

Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 14 March 2013, Northampton judge brands interpreting service “hopelessly incompetent”

Sunday Express, 10 March 2013, Judge's fury as justice is lost in translation

Mail on Sunday, 10 March 2013, Judge's anger as money is wasted on interpreters who can't even speak English

Private Eye, 8 March 2013, Losses in Translation

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 4 March 2013, Press release: 81% of court interpreters boycott Capita register

The Law Society Gazette, 4 March 2013, MoJ acts after court interpreter fiasco

Professional Interpreters for Justice, March 2013, The Framework Agreement one year on: Executive summary and topline survey results

Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 2 March 2013, Prosecutor relies on his French skills to explain hearing to theft accused

Civil Service World, 22 February 2013, Lost in translation

The Shields Gazette, 21 February 2013, Third delay in cannabis hearing

Daily Star, 21 February 2013, Cops lose £7,000 a day in translation

Birmingham Mail, 20 February 2013, Foreign suspects cost West Midlands Police £7,000 a day for interpreters

The Shields Gazette, 19 February 2013, New delay in £½m cannabis farm case

Huffington Post, 18 February 2013, Our Justice System Should Be Smarter and Smaller - Not Privatised

Daily Telegraph, 16 February 2013, The risks of Google Translate in Polish

Institute of Race Relations, 14 February 2013, Shambolic and unworkable: outsourcing of court interpreting services

Law Society Gazette, 11 February 2013, Court mandarins imprisoned?

Law Society Gazette, 8 February 2013, Shambolic interpreter deal is a vision of things to come

The Times, 7 February 2013, ‘Shambolic’ outsourcing of court interpreters

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 6 February 2013, Press release: ‘Shambolic’ contract must be ditched, say interpreters 

Morning Star Online, 6 February 2013, MPs condemn privateer's court interpreter chaos, 6 February 2013, Ministers repeatedly warned court interpreters' contract failing and trials would collapse as a result - Andy Slaughter

Daily Echo, 6 February 2013, Interpreter scheme slammed as 'shambolic' after Echo exposé

The Sun, 6 February 2013, Ken Clarke’s rap for chaos in courts

PoliticsHome, 6 February 2013, Labour: Andy Slaughter criticises failure of Justice committee on interpreting services

Mail Online, 6 February 2013, Government department branded ‘shambolic’ over handling of court interpreter services after unqualified man stood in for his wife during murder trial, 6 February 2013, MOJ contract handling "shambolic"

Yorkshire Post, 6 February 2013, Privatised court translation services shambolic say MPs

Birmingham Mail, 6 February 2013, Police interpreter service slammed as 'shambles' after suspects walk free

Birmingham Post, 6 February 2013, 'Shambolic' Police interpreter service condemned

Exaro News, 6 February 2013, Ministry of Justice faces 'contempt' accusation from MPs

London Evening Standard, 6 February 2013, MoJ contract handling 'shambolic'

BBC News, 6 February 2013, Court contract handling "a shambles"

The Guardian, 6 February 2013, Trials collapsing thanks to 'shambolic' privatisation of translation services

The Independent, 6 February 2013, MoJ defies MPs on interpreters

Law Society Gazette, 6 February 2013, MPs condemn "shambolic" court interpreter deal

Press Association, 6 February 2013, MoJ contract handling 'shambolic'

Reuters, 6 February 2013, Britain's justice ministry slammed for 'shambolic' commissioning

Justice Select Committee, 6 February 2013, Press release: Interpreting and translation services and Applied Language Solutions contract

Oldham Chronicle, 5 February 2013, Translation firm’s poor performance charge

Law Society Gazette, 4 February 2013, Courtroom savings hard to interpret

Exaro News, 23 January 2013, Ministry issues instruction to court staff not to help MPs' inquiry

The Guardian, 18 January 2013, Private interpreting company received £8.5m for courts contract

Solicitors Journal, 14 January 2013, Poor interpretation services will lead to miscarriages of justice

East Anglia Daily Times, 2 January 2013, UK/Suffolk: Lack of interpreters brings court ‘chaos’

Hunts Post, 28 December 2012, ‘Total chaos’ in Cambridgeshire courts due to private interpreter firm

Private Eye, 22 December 2012, "Almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong." 

The Guardian, 14 December 2012, More trials being disrupted over interpreter failings

The Times, 14 December 2012, Court interpreters service in chaos

The Independent, 14 December 2012, MPs dismayed by 'total chaos' of £42m lost in translation: Outsourcing of courts' interpreter service was 'an object lesson in how not to do it'

The Telegraph, 14 December 2012, 'Total chaos' after pet dog counted on translators' database

Mail Online, 14 December 2012, Court translators who listed a DOG in its staff is fined just £2,200 despite errors that let criminals walk free, 14 December 2012, Outsourcing of court interpreting condemned: Justice ministers’ move ended up providing an ‘appalling service’, 14 December 2012, Committee publishes findings on the Ministry of Justice's language services contract, 14 December 2012, Court interpreter services slammed

London Evening Standard, 14 December 2012, Court interpreter firm Capita that brought 'total chaos' to justice system fined 'risible' £2,200

The Sun, 14 December 2012, Ministry's court out, 14 December 2012, Labour: Andy Slaughter comment on PAC report into the Ministry of Justice’s Language Service Contract

Morning Star online, 14 December 2012, Accounts committee slams court interpreter chaos

Express and Star, 14 December 2012, Court interpreter services slammed

The Independent, 13 December 2012, Editorial: Botched in courtroom translation

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 11 December 2012, Milestone meeting as Justice Minister engages interpreter groups

East Anglian Daily Times, 7 December 2012, Suffolk: Judge left frustrated as translator’s absence delays justice

Law Society Gazette, 6 December 2012, Interpreters 'gag' probe, 4 December 2012, MPs question minister on gagging magistrates over interpreters: Justice minister Helen Grant asked to give explanation for attempt to stifle MPs' inquiry

Private Eye, 30 November 2012, ALS not well

Kent Online, 26 November 2012, Judge Michael Carroll slams court translation service Applied Language Solutions

Daily Mail, 24 November 2012, Trials collapse as interpreter shortage cripples the court... whose reliance on Google Translate is 'putting the public safety at risk', 15 November 2012, Government gags magistrates over interpreter ‘fiasco’ in courts: Court clerks 'silenced' as Ministry of Justice stops data on ALS 'failures' going to inquiry 

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 2 November 2012, Bullying translators blamed for chaos

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 1 November 2012, Justice Minister invites interpreters to crunch meeting  Read the letter from Helen Grant MP 22 October 2012  

Law Society Gazette, 30 October 2012, Contracts and Access to Justice

Law Society Gazette, 30 October 2012 Applied founder blames ‘intimidation’ for court interpreter debacle

The Independent, 30 October 2012 Applied Language Solutions boss Gavin Wheeldon blames interpreters for company's failures

Huffington Post, 24 October 2012 The Court Interpreting Fiasco Continues as Capita Agreement is Branded 'Unsalvageable'

Law Society Gazette, 24 October 2012 Court interpreter mess ‘led to custody’, MPs told

The Independent, 23 October 2012 'Courtroom chaos': Government accused of endangering justice by using cut-price courtroom interpreters

The Guardian, 23 October 2012 Suspects 'denied fair trial' by shortage of court interpreters

Daily Mail, 23 October 2012 Courts need 10,000 translators a month but service fails to provide linguists for one in ten cases

Professional Interpreters for Justice, 19 October 2012 ‘Car crash’ contract puts Ministry of Justice in the firing line


Law Society Gazette, 17 October 2012 Interpreter firm still missing target, official statistics reveal

Private Eye, 17 October 2012 Cost in Translation

Law Society Gazette, 16 October 2012 Officials ignored experts’ warning on interpreting contract

Portsmouth News, 16 October 2012 Three on oil scam charge, 16 October 2012 Fishiest Outsourcing Firms: Applied Language Solutions, 16 October 2012 Crispin's Pet Project

Interpreters for Justice, 15 October 2012 There ‘is Little Point’ In Capita/ALS Deal, Says Judge, 15 October 2012 Day Of Reckoning Arrives For Court Interpreting Company Which Offered Jobs To Animals

Al Jazeera, 10 October 2012 Selling off Britain: Lost in translation?

Interpreters for Justice, 9 October 2012 Inquiries into flawed interpreters contract reach a head as court chaos continues

International Association of Conference Interpreters,, 7 October 2012 The ALS/Capita case: how much longer?

Southern Daily Echo, 2 October 2012 Report slams court translation contract

The Linguist, October-November 2012 In search of Justice: CIOL's Chair of Council reports on developments regarding the MOJ Framework Agreement and the recent submission to the Justice Select Committee

Modern Law Magazine, September 2012 Preaching to the converted on the importance of professional standards

Lynn News, 22 September 2012 King’s Lynn court imposed lesser sentence because man could not speak English

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 20 September 2012 ‘Shocking failings’ of court contract

Interpreters for Justice, 18 September 2012 New hearing announced into interpreter contract

Public Service Magazine, 14 September 2012 MoJ's interpreter management ''appalling'', 13 September 2012 NAO report reveals incompetence at Ministry of Justice - Slaughter

The Times, 13 September 2012 Ministry criticised over interpreter chaos

Legal Voice, 13 September 2012 Language problem: spending watchdog joins criticism of new court interpreters’ contract

Committee of Public Accounts, 12 September 2012 Statement from PAC Chair on NAO report: The Ministry of Justice's language services contract

Financial Times, 12 September 2012 Courts’ interpreter contract attacked

Law Society Gazette, 12 September 2012 Spending watchdog trains fire on interpreter contracting chaos

The Guardian, 12 September 2012 Court interpreting criticised as 'wholly inadequate' in damning NAO report: Ministry of Justice criticised for 'courtroom chaos' as ALS was too small to meet £90m contract and boycotted by interpreters

Bristol Post, 27 August 2012 Judge criticises interpreter firm for trial delays

Huffington Post, 26 August 2012 Cost Cuts 'Pressure Court Services', According To Union, 26 August 2012 Justice in the dock as cuts unleash chaos

Channel 4 News, 22 August 2012 Who really runs the public sector?

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 11 August 2012 Translate in court? Me? Ow?

Financial Times, 10 August 2012 Claws out for pet hates

BBC News, 9 August 2012 Court interpreter checks 'non-existent'

The Guardian, 5 August 2012 Interpreters in courts: lost in translation

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 2 August 2012 Anger after interpreter problems delay hearing

Ipswich Star, 1 August 2012 Suffolk: Parliamentary inquiry into court interpreter shambles welcomed

Private Eye, 25 July 2012 Well done, Wheeldon

Southern Daily Echo, 22 July 2012 Hampshire police insists it won't use Applied Language Solutions for intepreters

Birmingham Mail, 21 July 2012 MPs launch inquiry into translation shambles which let suspects walk free

The Times of India, 21 July 2012  Fake interpreter turns up at Indian woman's murder trial

The Gulf Times, 21 July 2012 Interpreter farce halts trial, causes huge loss

The Daily Mail, 21 July 2012 Trial stopped as murder case translator was only there because his wife - the real interpreter - was 'too busy to show up'

The Daily Telegraph, 20 July 2012  Trial suspended as bogus interpreter stands in for wife

The Independent, 20 July 2012 Unqualified ALS interpreter revealed to have halted Rajvinder Kaur trial

The Guardian, 20 July 2012 MPs to investigate 'underperforming' firm awarded £300m court monopoly

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 20 July 2012 Judge demands anwers from court interpreter suppliers

The Lawyer, 20 July 2012 House of Commons launches probe into MoJ interpreting contract

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 20 July 2012 Interpreters welcome ALS probe

Littlehampton Gazette, 20 July 2012 Unqualified interpreter halts trial

Daily Echo, 20 July 2012 Interpreter fiasco at murder trial

Law Society Gazette, 19 July 2012 Courtroom interpreter 'savings' evaporate

Ashford Herald, 19 July 2012 Man kept in cells for days as translator unavailable

Law Society Gazette, 18 July 2012 MPs to probe interpreter deal, 18 July 2012 New Justice Select Committee Inquiry: Interpretation and Translation services and the Applied Language Solutions contract

New Statesman, 12 July 2012 Cost savings on court interpreting services are anything but

Birmingham Mail, 11 July 2012 Government admits controversial ALS interpreter contract will not save £12m

UK Press Association, 9 July 2012 £12m interpreter savings 'unlikely'

The Guardian, 30 June 2012 Justice? Not if defendants can't engage fully with the trial

Law Society Gazette, 14 June 2012 CPS delays rollout of ALS interpreters

Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 11 June 2012 Company to carry out investigation after interpreter fails to turn up at court

Criminal Law & Justice Weekly, 2 June 2012 Court interpreter woes continue

Private Eye , June 2012 ALS, Alack

Law Society Gazette, 31 May 2012 'Self-serving' interpreter figures slammed

The Independent, 24 May 2012 Chaotic start for company that clinched multimillion pound deal to provide translators for courts and inquests

The Telegraph, 24 May 2012 MOJ to monitor court interpreters after one in ten fail to turn up or get translation wrong

Law Society Gazette, 24 May 2012 Official statistics reveal ALS performance failure 

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 24 May 2012 Solicitor-General rejects call for inquiry into ALS 

Interpreters for Justice, 22 May 2012 Judiciary expresses concern about court interpreting

The Independent, 21 May 2012 Plan to cut spending on court interpreters leads to farce. Rethink prompted after solicitors resort to Google Translate to understand their clients

Law Society Gazette, 17 May 2012 ALS interpreters contract facing renewed scrutiny

Spend Matters, 14 May 2012 Southampton run into procurement conflict of interest issues

Police Life, 11 May 2012 Interpreters Question New Agreement

The Public and Commercial Services Union, May 2012 Threats to justice: How the cuts are placing a huge strain on vital judicial functions

The London Advocate, May 2012 It's all Greek to Me: the Interpreter Debacle

Police Life, May 2012 Interpreters claim Framework Agreement is killing justice

Leicester Mercury, 9 May 2012 Jury discharged

Yorkshire Post, 5 May 2012 Prison vow over sham marriages as Yorkshire gang sentenced

Plymouth Herald, 3 May 2012 Interpreter request is refused by court because man has 'been in UK long enough'

Law Society Gazette, 3 May 2012 Letters: Voicing concern at the Applied Language Solutions / Capita farce

EULITA, 30 April 2012 The UK dilemma over interpreting services for the justice sector continues

Croydon Guardian, 29 April 2012 Court backlog in interpreter shortage

Law Society Gazette, 26 April 2012 Court interpreter situation 'improving'

Fair Trials International Declining UK court interpreting standards are difficult to comprehend

Croydon Guardian, 25 April 2012 Court backlog in interpreter shortage

Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 24 April 2012 Huddersfield man in court accused of sex offenders’ register breach

Law Society Gazette, 19 April 2012 How long before we end up with a serious miscarriage of justice?

Manchester Evening News, 19 April 2012 Court official left in tears after outburst at Rochdale sex gang trial

Law Society Gazette, 19 April 2012 Interpreter 'bite' mistake causes trial collapse

Private Eye, 17 April 2012 Applied Language Solutions billed by judge for failing to supply a court interpreter

The Lawyer, 17 April 2012 Interpreting error leads to £25,000 retrial costs

BBC News, 13 April 2012   Trial collapses at Snaresbrook court after interpreter error

Law Society Gazette, 13 April 2012 Grieve: interpreter failure ‘not contempt’

Halifax Courier, 12 April 2012 Is it quicker if I learned Czech? Lawyer’s quip as interpreter fails to show

Ipswich Star, 11 April 2012 Ipswich: court interpreter service is a lottery in any language

Bradford Telegraph and Argus,11 April 2012 Judge blasts interpreters firm for court no-shows, 10 April 2012 British judges, Lithuanian defendants, and Google Translate

Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 7 April 2012 Interpreter service 'disrupting court work', 4 April 2012 Comment: Outsourcing interpreters has turned the courts into a freak show, 2 April 2012 Court interpreter cuts 'leading to miscarriages of justice'

Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 29 March 2012 Courts need to be clearly understood

BBC News, 29 March 2012 Concern over translation in court by Peterborough magistrates

Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 29 March 2012 Bradford Judge demands firm explain after it failed to provide interpreter in case

BBC News, 28 March 2012 Interpreter travels 560 miles for Ipswich court case

The Daily Mirror, 28 March 2012 Lost in translation: Court interpreter travels 564 miles for EIGHT minutes’ work 

Metro, 28 March 2012 Court translator travels 564 miles for just eight minutes

The Telegraph, 27 March 2012 Court staff forced to rely on Google translate

East Anglian Daily Times, 27 March 2012 Ipswich: it’s a farce! fed-up defence solicitors blast court interpreter system after translator has to travel from Newcastle to Ipswich for hearing

Luton & Dunstable Express, 25 March 2012 New Courts service lost in translation Also see The Telegraph, 18 January 2011: Police translator bombarded inspector with suggestive emails

The Guardian, 25 March 2012 In praise of... judicial interpreters

Channel 4 News, 23 March 2012 Court chaos as interpreter service goes private

BBC News, 21 March 2012 Ministry of Justice translation firm accused of data theft

The Guardian, 19 March 202 Private Court interpretation company 'should face contempt proceedings' Read Emily Thornberry MP's letter to Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC MP here

The Independent, 17 March 2012 Privatisation of court interpretation services is causing problems, admits Justice minister Crispin Blunt

Law Society Gazette, 16 March 2012 ‘Grossly overpaid’ interpreters to blame for courts fiasco, says minister

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 16 March 2012 Demo as minister says ALS is best for the job

BBC News, 15 March 2012 Court translators protest against new contract system

The Telegraph, 15 March 2012 Privatisation of court interpreting 'had problems', admits Justice minister

Yorkshire Post, 15 March 2012 Judge considers making privatised interpreters pay for court failings

Manchester Evening News, 15 March 2012 War of words as interpreters blast court translation firm Applied Language Solutions

Law Society Gazette, 15 March 2012 Unite joins interpreting campaign

The Guardian, 15 March 2012 Violent clients, traumatised victims, late payment - the life of a court interpreter

The Times online , 15 March 2012 Court interpreters protest over pay cuts

Norwich Evening News, 14 March 2012 Judge hits out at interpreter delays

Unite the Union, 14 March 2012 Campaign launched to reverse the privatisation of court interpreting, as service descends ‘into chaos’

Manchester Evening News, 12 March 2012 Boss of court translation firm Applied Language Solutions hits back after judges blast service, 11 March 2012 Rabbit enrols as court translator

The Lawyer, 09 March 2012 Government's court interpreting agency hit with wasted costs orders

The Birmingham Mail, 09 March 2012 Jajo the Rabbit 'hired' as translator at Birmingham courts

BBC News, 08 March 2012 Court and police interpreters in Birmingham Protest

The Law Society Gazette, 08 March 2012 ALS offers cash to beat interpreting boycott

Private Eye, 09 - 22 March 2012 Lost in Translation

Yorkshire Post, 07 March 2012 Missing interpreter costs day in court case

Worcester News, 06 March 2012 Judge: Absence of interpreters becoming problem

Linguistlounge.ORG, 06 March 2012 ALS fact check: almost 70 percent of courts hit by interpreter chaos, 05 March 2012 As UK Interpreters Strike, Google “Scabs”, 05 March 2012 Outsourcing forces untrained translators on courts, campaigners say

Family Law Week, 04 March 2012 90% of interpreters boycott new ‘flawed’ system, claims campaign group

The Sunday Times, 04 March 2012 Dragon reject 'sparks court chaos'

The Sunday Express, 04 March 2012 Interpreter system 'waste of money'

The Daily Mail, 03 March 2012 Foreign suspects are being released from police custody due to lack of interpreters

The Independent, 03 March 2012 Court translation service in crisis after cost-cutting deal

The Daily Express , 03 March 2012 Hopes of snaring foreign suspects lost in translation

The Guardian, 03 March 2012 Suspects freed as a result of court interpreters' boycott 

Channel 4 News , 02 March 2012 Court translation service in crisis after cost-cutting deal

The Daily Mail, 02 March 2012 Foreign suspects are being released from police custody due to lack of interpreters

The Folkestone Herald, 02 March 2012 Uninsured driver is lost until court translation

The Law Society Gazette, 02 March 2012 Interpreting the interpreters’ strike

The Telegraph, 02 March 2012 Police let foreign crime suspects go due to lack of interpreters

The Law Society Gazette, 02 March 2012 Court clerk turns to Google to fill interpreting gap

The Lawyer, 02 March 2012 Tory minister admits new court interpreter system is 'unacceptable'

The Birmingham Mail, 02 March 2012 Foreign crime suspects walking free on bail in Birmingham due to interpreter crisis

The Guardian, 02 March 2012 Interpreters stay away from courts in protest at privatised contract
The interpreter's story: Mirela Watson: 'a lot of the new interpreters have no understanding of legal terminology, which is vital in our profession'

The Law Society Gazette, 01 March 2012 MoJ must address the chaos

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 01 March 2012 Court interpreter service criticised

The Law Society Gazette , 01 March 2012 MoJ warned two years ago over interpreters

The Law Society Gazette, 29 February 2012 Lost in Translation

The Londra Gazete (London Turkish Gazette), February - March 2012 Interpreting chaos in courts
 Turkish interpreter fails to appear for arson hearing Woman pleads guilty to starting flat fire

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 24 February 2012 Court interpreters hit out at changes 

The Law Society Gazette, 24 February 2012 Interpreter problems ‘unacceptable’ says ministry

Private Eye, 24 February 2012 Words of Warning

Yorkshire Post, 23 February 2012 Judge lost for words as trial halted over lack of interpreter 

The Law Society Gazette, 23 February 2012 Firm in interpreter storm offers better deal

This is Somerset, 23 February 2012 Case delayed for interpreter

The Lawyer, 23 February 2012 MoJ ditches new court interpreting system in face of major backlash

The Law Society Gazette, 23 February 2012 The unavoidable impression is of a department which is being run on the hoof

Mancunian Matters, 22 February 2012 Decision by courts to only use translators from one agency causes widespread disruption to judicial system

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 21 February 2012 Court frustration over missing interpreters 

Legal Expenses, February 2012 MoJ admits 'teething problems' with interpreters 

The Lawyer, 20 February 2012 Lost in Translation: Court interpreters row raises spectre of miscarriages of justice

Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 18 February 2012 Courts left in ‘chaos’ by interpreter mix-up

The Guardian, 16 February 2012 Courts given green light to hire own interpreters as ALS struggles to cope

BBC News, 13 February 2012 Court chaos follows interpreter change

Private Eye, 10 February 2012 Lost in Transition

The Law Society Gazette, 9 February 2012 MoJ interpreting hub a ‘false economy’

Private Eye, 14 October 2011 The £60m question

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 12 October 2011 Lost in Translation: MP in Commons attack on Delph interpreter service

ITI Bulletin, September-October 2011 Slash and Burn (a practising interpreter's views)
A Sea change (ALS' PR offensive)

The Law Society Gazette, 8 September 2011 Unite campaign backs public service interpreting

Birmingham Post, 8 September 2011 West Midlands Police to cut £750k from budget for translators

Lincolnshire Echo, 24 August 2011 'Major pay cut' for court interpreters in Lincolnshire

News & Star, 16 August 2011 Cumbrian Court Interpreters Protest at Shake-Up

The Yorkshire Post, 13 August 2011 Tribunals Translators walk out in row over contracts

Private Eye, 12 August 2011 ALS Well?

Unite The Union, August 2011 Speak up, Speak out

Private Eye, 22 July 2011 Lost for words

Law Society Gazette, 14 July 2011 MoJ in line of fire over interpreters contract

Private Eye, 1 April 2011 Lost for words

Preston Citizen, 14 March 2011 Lancashire police interpreter contract is scrapped

Law Society Gazette, 10 March 2011 Defence solicitors warn MOJ over interpreter outsourcing

Manchester Evening News, 7 March 2011 Police rip up contract with interpreter agency after claims it was hampering investigations
Former GMP interpreter: "one wrong word could mean justice isn't done"

Private Eye, 4 February 2011 Speaking Cock

Law Society Gazette, 3 February 2011 Row erupts over police interpreters

Private Eye, 21 January 2011 Speakers Cornered


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