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MoJ and Capita breach Magna Carta

Meet the activists standing up to government bullying and privatisation. Court Interpreters!

Comment by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) on the Justice Select Committee report on Capita/ALS outsourcing

H of C Justice Select Committee report savages “shambles” of MoJ interpreter contract with Capita

Hear no evil, speak no evil: outsourcing of court interpreting services

One Year on: The Ministry of Justice’s Failed Interpreting Contract

Latest on fiasco of interpreters in our courts

Capita interprets The Ministry of Justice as 'Great Big Cash Cow' 

Courts prevented from reporting failed interpreting cases?

Government hails drastic fall in privatisation complaints after banning people from making them!

How Delboy hoodwinked ministers out of £300m – UPDATE

‘Preaching to the converted on the importance of professional standards’

Ministry of Justice language services: FUBAR?

National Audit Office report on the MoJ's interpreting contract

Crispin's Pet Project

Day Of Reckoning Arrives For Court Interpreting Company Which Offered Jobs To Animals

Selling off Britain: Lost in translation?

The ALS/Capita case: How much longer?

Applied Language Solutions Fleece Government, can we try it too?

Meet ALS - the new G4S (or how Delboy hoodwinked ministers out of £300m.) 

The Magistrates Blog: Speaking in tongues (& comments)

MP Calling for Urgent Investigation into Court Interpreters Contract

Wheeldon should get the Buckles treatment

Access to Justice, my foot

Anonymous Sock Puppet Steps Up to Defend ALS: the Ethics of Cheap Translation

The Duty Tank:  Interpreting Justice

ALS Experience Highlights Global Lack of Governmental Procurement Know-How

PIA meeting for interpreters: why you should join the boycott

Southampton run into procurement conflict of interest issues

Interview: HH Judge Radford

Privatization of court interpreting hinders access to justice for non-english speakers in the UK

It’s all Greek to Me

Do you remember “joined up thinking”? It was a buzz-phrase in government circles a few years ago

Chaos in the UK over Poor Interpreting Services

Second London demo against the MoJ interpreting contract

Interpreting mistake leads to suspension of trial

Justice for sale: chaos in the courts

Forensics, interpretation and changes to Criminal Justice 

What will it take? How about a collapsed trial?

ALS will you please remove me from your list of service providers

How to save money on court interpreters: don’t book them

Is the UK trying to re-write the interpreting profession?

Once upon a time there was... the MOJ and Applied Language Solutions. a modern-day saga

Politicians reap what they sow – the contradictions of electoral racism

Inequality before the law? It’s reality

ALS’s Gavin Wheeldon: a case study in cheap translation

Forensics, interpretation and changes to Criminal Justice

Using a professional is the only safeguard: Part II

The court interpreting fiasco – the facts and the friction 

Two protests, twenty years apart: fight against injustice continues

Communication breakdown: Why we are protesting 

Applied Language Solutions: I say ‘tomato’

What should ALS do now? An update on the drama in the UK

UK Supreme Court Blog: as many as 1000 interpreters are boycotting 

What do you think about the interpreter vs. agency standoff in the uk?

Using a professional is the only safeguard: Part I

Applied Language Solutions court chaos gets nationwide exposure 

Can the Court Interpreting contract between MoJ and ALS be salvaged?

Media Reports Chaos: Interpreters, Make Your Stand

Family courts are not immune from problems with interpreter services, according to PIA

MOJ Framework Contract with ALS - There may be trouble ahead ...

The Magistrates' Blog: Heads Up

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